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and we are magic talking to itself

28 June 1988
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i am whatever it is you think i am.
absurd optimism, aleister crowley, alice's adventures in wonderland, amanda palmer, ancient history, andrew eldritch, angels, anime, anne sexton, anomalous phenomenon, antiques, art, batcave, bauhaus, being alive, being happy, being normal, being really fucking uncool, billy corgan, bisexuality, blowing bubbles, carving symbols, charity, christian death, cinema strange, compassion, consensual and nonconsensual realities, conversations with the inanimate, cooking, corsets, dancing, david lynch, deathrock, delirium, doctor who, dolls, drawing, edvard munch, empathy, eugène carrière, evelyn de morgan, expressionism, facing evils and fears, fainting goats, fashion, feeling safe, feeling useful, finding everything amusing, finding magic in mundane, fingerpainting, folie à deux, foreign films, ghosts, goodness, goth clubs, goths denying being goths, graceful insanity, grave of the fireflies, haldol, heavy blankets, helping people, hiding, hole, idealism, idiot pals, individuality, ingmar bergman, jan toorop, kao anis, kinderwhore, king of hearts, lace, lain, laughing and laughing, learning, leon spilliaert, leonard cohen, lipstick smeared on cigarettes, literature, living through this, losing weight, loveholic, lucky strikes, lycia, lydia lunch, maddening questions, magical symbols, making bad decisions, making music, manga, maromi, melting, michelan'joe'lo, neurological filters, never being jaded, never finishing things, odilon redon, painting, peace, people who are understanding, philosophy, piercings, pills, poetry that doesn't suck, politics, porcelain dolls, psychoactive drugs, psychology, psychopharmacology, putting glitter on everything, quantum entanglement, rain, really good sex, reinaldo arenas, sandman, schrödinger's cat, sea glass, secret messages, seroquel, sexiness, singing, siouxsie and the banshees, slut chique, smashing pumpkins, smeared makeup, sparrows, spiders, staring contests with demons, stars, stream of consciousness, switchblade symphony, switchblades, symbolism, the dresden dolls, the endless, the fates, the ocean, the sisters of mercy, the smashing pumpkins, theoretical physics, thrift stores, through a glass darkly, through the looking glass, tiaras, touching the sky, trying to explain everything, twirling my hands, unpretentious photography, writing, zyprexa