emily (aghostchild) wrote,

i'm still alive

i've been having a bad episode and was up to taking 20 mg of haldol a day, but now i'm finally down to 4 mg and getting better. still, i've managed to make it to school everyday. i'm very proud of myself.

i got addicted to norco again, but i'm weaning myself off slowly. i hate sinus infection. my doctor wants me to get an MRI to make sure it's nothing more serious.

i might get one of my stories published in the book "sussurus." they're going to decide next week. i'm crossing my fingers but trying not to count on it.

someone in my class keeps telling me i'm the best poet he's ever read and that it's "emily bein and sylvia plath." it's weird but nice to have fans.

musically, stuff is going great. i've really enjoyed getting back into playing the keyboard and singing. unfortunately we're still looking for a bassist, and until then i can't paint a band photo, which i'm really looking forward to doing. i might have another art show soon, and i'm going to do paintings for my friends gina and cristos. so much to do!

i just wanted to let you know i'm still alive. i'll try to post in here more often.
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