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to my organ, who is gone

dear appendix,

i will miss you on those cold winter nights, nights i will spend without you, lamenting your loss, remembering what we had. no one will ever replace you. i will never have another appendix, not ever. they always say you will find another, you will, this isn't the last, but god, i swear, i will never have another appendix.

Tyler: I guess if their is any form of silver lining it's you will never have to have your appendix out again, your relationship with you appendix is at a end, it won't be calling you in a month crying and telling you that you were the best body it was ever in...

no matter how much you tell me that you've changed, that you're not sick anymore, i will never take you back. i know there will never be another like you, never be anyone who takes your place, but i don't believe that you will ever change. you will never be right for me. you abused me. you put me in the hospital for three days. they had to give me a double dose of the medicine they give to chemo patients, and then an IV drip of it. my pulse was 144. oh appendix! i've never been in so much pain. not even dilauded could take away the pain you put me in, and that is 8 times stronger than morphine. do you know what that's like, appendix? i cried. i cried and cried. it hurt so much. i'm sorry, but we're over. we're done. you were never of any use to me anyway! what good were you for? did you ever do anything for me other than to hurt me? no.

it's over. but oh appendix, i didn't even get to say goodbye...
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